Police Officer Marries A SOCO, And Their Cake Is A HUGE Hit With Social Media

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At any wedding then, aside from the bride, the cake is always the next biggest focal point with hungry guests who are keen to gorge on the abundance of food.

We are used to seeing the standard three, four and even five-tier cakes at weddings, but a newlywed couple has caused quite a stir with their fantastic wedding cake. 

The images of the cake were shared in a Facebook group called ‘Rate My Refs‘ which is used to share pictures of the food eaten by emergency services, NHS, HMP and armed forces personnel when they are lucky enough to get a break. 

In a post, the happy groom said:

The front of the wedding cake

“Not technically refs, but this was the cake for my wedding yesterday, traditional at the front and then…the back!!

“Me in uniform and the wife in her SOCO outfit”.

SOCO stands for ‘Scenes of Crime Officer’ (think ‘CSI’ if you are really unsure). 

The front of the cake looks very traditional — a three-tiered number with bride and groom figures at the top of the cake. 

However, when you turn the cake around, then you are met with a completely different scene.

The rear of the wedding cake

The ‘groom’ is now wearing his police uniform, and the bride is wearing her full forensic suit; gloves and face mask included! 

Dotted on the back of the cake we can see various ‘crime scenes’ including some of the implements often found at such scenes! (including some fingers). 

What do you think of the cake? Let us know in the comments below! 

The team here at DailyDits wishes the bride and groom a long and happy marriage <3 

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