Police Officer Acquitted After Driving At 101mph In A 30mph Zone

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A highly trained advanced police driving instructor was clocked driving at 101mph in a 30mph zone, a court has heard.

PC Brown from Norwich denied a total of 16 driving offences while driving an unmarked Police BMW X5 that PC Brown had been specially trained to operate at high speed. 

Ipswich magistrates court heard how the advanced blue-light officer was driving the vehicle with its blue lights activated at the time of the alleged offences. 

During the drive, he was clocked at 122mph – speeds which the officer would have been taught to drive at during intensive training that can last up to eight weeks. 

The court was told that there was no national or local policy about how CPD should be carried out. 

Norfolk Police Federation welcomed his acquittal.

Chairman Andy Symonds said: 

“He was perfectly entitled in law to use his exemptions because he was using CPD.

“There needs to be some clear expectations and guidance given to officers because there’s a risk another officer could find themselves prosecuted.

“Luckily and rightly, the right result was received.”

No details have been released concerning who had reported the police officer for his driving. 

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  1. Why was he using a ‘works’ vehicle to visit his son’s school. In my day, that would have been misuse of police vehicle.

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