Picture Emerges On Social Media Of Cat With A Facemask As Coronavirus Continues To Spread

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As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, more and more people are taking as many precautions as possible to try and prevent the disease from spreading. 

According to worldometer.com, over 40,655 cases have been confirmed thus far with 3699 people with the disease recovering from its debilitating effects. 

But one image that has been shared on social media (origin unknown) seems to show that some pet owners have even started to try and prevent their beloved four-legged-friends from getting the infectious disease. 

The moggy, who appears to also be on a lead, seems to have a standard face mask covering its face with two small holes having been cut out as eye slits.

This must be one well-trained cat because if I tried not only to put a lead on my cat but also a facemask, then it would probably attack me with its razor-sharp claws which could quite easily rip a sizable hole in some titanium. 

As far as we can tell, there have been no cases of cats catching the virus, but that is not to say that it could not happen. 

We are used to seeing people with facemasks and large plastic bottles on their heads, but we think that this is the first time a picture has emerged on social media of a pet with a face mask. 

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