‘Park On My Privates Again? No!’ — Motorist Gets Told Off For Parking On Someone’s Property

When it comes to parking our cars, we are all a sensitive bunch. 

For example, parking a millimetre outside of a designated parking space in the high street will get you a £100 ‘fine’ (probably used to pay for the council’s annual Christmas party). 

Or you might happen to live down a street where some residents have decided to put traffic cones outside the front of their house to prevent people from parking in what is a public space. 

Even worse, you might have to contend with a BMW or Audi driver who decides to take up two parking spaces just in case somebody sneezes on their pride and joy. 

But for one property owner, finding a vehicle on their land that did not belong to them was enough to send them over the edge. 

Having found the vehicle on their land, the note-writer channelled all of their anger into the following poetic note:

“Why you bad park?

“No ticket! I have son dealer plate! You ok? 

“F**k you guy! Okay!

“Park on my privates again? NO!

“Bad park you.”

Clearly, the note writer was not impressed by the dodgy parking that was on display, and yet he managed to get his message across in a direct, no-nonsense manner. 

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