Manchester Arena Bomber ‘Brought Equipment For Bomb With £2,000-a-month Benefits’

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The satanic Manchester Arena murderer and his twisted brother bought their lethal bomb-making equipment with their mother’s benefits even though their mother had left the country to live in Libya, a court heard yesterday (10th February). 

Twenty-two innocent people, many of them teenage girls, were murdered when Salman detonated a home-made device as thousands of teenagers, along with their parents, were leaving the Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande concert on 22nd May 2017. 

During an on-going trial, a court has heard how Hashem Abedi, 22, allegedly encouraged his older brother, Salman, to murder and maim hundreds of innocent people. 

The twisted brothers’ mother, Samia Tabbal, received housing benefit for her husband, Ramadan, and their six children from 2008 to 2011, the court heard. 

Aged just 8-years-old, Saffie Roussos was the youngest victim of the attack

The court was told that Samia travelled from Manchester to Istanbul via Athens with three of her children on 20th October, 2016, and from there on to Libya. 

The court discovered that the benefits being paid to Samia by Manchester Council continued up until 26th May 2017 which was four days after the atrocity took place at the Manchester Arena. 

Jurors have been told that before the evil attack taking place, Samia Tabbal’s bank account was accessed to buy a large £300 industrial-sized battery and to buy other alleged bomb-making material from DIY superstore, B&Q. 

The jury has been shown Samia Abedi’s bank statements which show monthly payments being made to her of £692.32p from Manchester City Council in the form of housing benefit. 

Also being paid into her account were weekly working and tax credits of £302.76p and child benefit of £61.80p. 

This meant that the unemployed family’s total benefit payments each month were £2,147. 

The average salary in the UK in 2019 after tax is £2361.53p. 

Hashem Abedi was arrested by Libyan security services shortly after Salman blew himself up. In a true act of evil, Salman had packed his device with shrapnel to kill and maim as many teenagers as possible. 

Salman faces 22 charges of murder, one of attempted murder against the 260 other victims who were injured and conspiracy to cause explosions. 

Hashem denies any involvement in helping to plan and prepare the evil attack. 

The court was also told that Salman Abedi visited a convicted terrorist in prison before carrying out the cowardly attack. 

On 18th January 2017, Salman and two other men travelled from his home in Manchester to visit Abdalraouf Abdallah, 26, who was serving nine and a half years for terrorism offences at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool. 

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