Male Spotted Outside Walgreens Wearing ‘Strip Club’ Veteran Jacket

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You might be used to seeing military veterans in the street with their well-deserved veteran badges and caps, but you probably have never seen someone wearing a ‘strip club veteran’ jacket before. 

That is, until now. 

Most of the time, men (and women) will not advertise the fact that they are a ‘frequent flyer’ when it comes to spending nights inside one of these dance venues. 

In between drinking beer and unleashing some embarrassing dance moves on the tiny beer-soaked dance floor, the age-old tradition of getting a private dance tends to be the ‘highlight’ of the evening.

Even though most of the time you are too drunk or too tired to actually remember what you paid an extortionate amount of money for.  

And then once the night is over, most men return home, frustrated, only to have to sit down and eat cold pizza with their mates while watching re-runs of their favourite sport on TV. 

But one male is clearly proud of just how many and how long he has been visiting these clubs because he has gone to the trouble of getting an army-green jacket, complete with some ribbons, along with the words ‘strip club veteran’ on the back.

We aren’t 100% sure what the ribbon is supposed to represent? I mean, it looks like a military ribbon but the last time we checked, the military does not hand out gongs for time spent in these night clubs. 

Could it be that he has awarded himself a medal for every private dance that he has had? 

Or perhaps he gets a ‘medal’ each time he puts some money in the jar? In truth, nobody knows. But he is proud, nonetheless. 

The question is, does this odd jacket count as stolen valour? Surely not. 

His jacket might look like military attire, but at least he has gone to the effort of having a big enough font in the stitching so that people will quickly work out that he is in fact, is not a veteran. 

Or perhaps he is? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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