Lorry Driver Causes Quite A Stir With No-nonsense Message

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I will admit that I have not ridden a bike for a long, long time. Or at least, I have not ridden two wheels without an engine between my legs for a long time. 

You have got to have some guts to sit on a bike and ride alongside fast-moving traffic as you are battered around by the wind and impatient drivers. 

That said, it does hack me off when you are driving along a road and end up getting stuck behind a swarm of cyclists who insist on riding four abreast meaning that you are going to be late for that doctor’s appointment which you have had to wait five days for. 

If you are a keen cyclist, then you are probably already aware of the dangers of stopping next to a truck. 

We hear far too often about cyclists who have been knocked off of their bikes by a heavy goods vehicle that is going to be making a left turn at a set of lights. 

In a previous job that I had, I used to have to travel from east to west London during rush-hour traffic. 

It was like a melee—a free for all where all the rules went out of the window. 

I do not miss those days! 

But one HGV driver, conscious of the fact that he/she has a blind spot where some cyclists invariably find themselves, decided to write a no-nonsense message on the back of his/her truck. 

But do you think it would make a difference? 

If you are a cyclist, then would seeing this on the back of a heavy goods vehicle be enough for you to resist the urge to enter the trucks blind spot at a set of traffic lights? 

Lets us and our readers know what you think in the comments section below. And stay safe out there! 

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  1. You are assuming that cyclist can read ! Assuming they can then my experience is that they are so ignorant that they would not take any notice.

  2. I think every lorry and van should have it on the back and sides of theair lorry’s I’ve been riding motorcycle and push bikes for a verry long time and I do see a hell of a lot of push bikes just cutting along side with sence two theair thick heads people need two get that mesg in side theair heads and think carfuly befor doing it thanks two the person who put that on lorry thank u and two all lorry and heavy goods drivers should do it as well all companies who have them should think on the lives that could be saved not just ur life or ur jobs it’s about doing it safely and be safe out theair

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