IS Bride Shamima Begum Loses The First Stage Of Her Citizenship Appeal

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Controversial IS bride, Shamima Begum, has lost the first stage of her long appeal against the UK government’s decision to strip her of her UK citizenship. 

Before the demise of IS, Begum left Bethnal Green in east London along with two other girls to join Daesh. 

Despite the well-publicised atrocities of Daesh, Begum voluntarily departed the UK before being found in a Syrian refugee camp in Feb 2019. 

When journalists from the Telegraph initially interviewed Begum, she seemed unrepentant at joining one of the most barbaric organisations ever to exist on the face of the planet. 

The Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC) said that Begum could instead turn to Bangladesh for citizenship as her mother has Bengali citizenship.  

But the Bangladeshi government has also said that they do not want her in their country, meaning that Begum has no choice other than to stay in Syria. 

Bangladesh’s ministry of foreign affairs said Begum was not a Bangladeshi citizen and there was “no question” of her being allowed into the country.

The SIAC also ruled that Mr Javid had not exposed Begum to human rights abuses by leaving her in the camp. 

Judge Doron Blum said that although there were concerns about how Ms Begum – in Syria – could take part in the proceedings in London, those difficulties did not mean the home secretary’s decision should be overturned.

“[Ms Begum] left the UK apparently of her own free will some years before the decision – and she was not outside the UK as a result of the decision.”

The case now moves on to consider whether the UK government had legitimate national security grounds to bar her from coming back to the UK. 

IS became notorious for their barbaric and truly horrific treatment of anyone who did not follow their ideology. 

This included setting fire to a pilot while he was locked in a cage, throwing people suspected of being gay off of buildings and beheading charity workers who were in the region to help women and children. 

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  1. Lawyers making money all the time on cases like this. Lets stop the same lawyers earning millions on cases they are going to loose …. make them get paid on a win only basis…most of these cases fail lets stop the lawyers milking our system now…

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