IS Bride Shamima Begum Loses The First Stage Of Her Citizenship Appeal

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Controversial IS bride, Shamima Begum, has lost the first stage of her long appeal against the UK government’s decision to strip her of her UK citizenship. 

Before the demise of IS, Begum left Bethnal Green in east London along with two other girls to join Daesh. 

Despite the well-publicised atrocities of Daesh, Begum voluntarily departed the UK before being found in a Syrian refugee camp in Feb 2019. 

When journalists from the Telegraph initially interviewed Begum, she seemed unrepentant at joining one of the most barbaric organisations ever to exist on the face of the planet. 

However, following the coverage received by the interview, Begum then told other journalists that she did regret being hoodwinked by the twisted ideology of Daesh. 

A a time when terror attacks have plagued the UK, former Home Secretary Sajid Javid stripped her of her UK citizenship later that month. 

Begum was subsequently granted legal aid to try and overturn the government’s popular decision to revoke Begum of her British citizenship, meaning that the taxpayer is now funding her expensive legal fight to return to the UK. 

A tribunal has now ruled that Begum could be stripped of her nationality because she has not been left stateless. 

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  1. Lawyers making money all the time on cases like this. Lets stop the same lawyers earning millions on cases they are going to loose …. make them get paid on a win only basis…most of these cases fail lets stop the lawyers milking our system now…

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