Introducing The Locker Team-Building Exercise/Game!

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When you have finished your shift, then it is always good to have five minutes of downtime just to unwind and take in the days events. 

Or, before you start your shift, then it is also a good idea to spend a few minutes bonding with your colleagues before you take on whatever the next 12 hours (if you are lucky) are going to throw your way. 

One of our followers has come up with a great way of ticking both boxes; by utilising a team-building ‘locker game’. 

To be honest, I have got no idea about what the rules etc. are. 

The locker game; not good if you don’t like small spaces or if you are taller than 4ft

A word of warning: the chances of you becoming stuck in the locker or being locked in (permanently) by your colleagues are pretty high, so we would urge that you exercise some caution and use bags of common sense. 

The last thing you want is for the fire service to be called out to try and free you from your kit locker. 

It won’t look good on your PDR, and you could end up developing an irrational fear of small spaces (not functional if you are a HART paramedic!) 

Feel free to give it a go and let us know the results by commenting below. 

Of course, we take no responsibility for the outcome should you decide to play this risky game! 

But if you do manage to squeeze into your work locker and you just happen to film you, colleague, as they open the locker as they jump out of their skin once they spot you, then feel free to send the footage into us.

Or if you have any other ideas for ‘team-building exercises’ then let us know in the comments below. 

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