‘I Think A Crime Needs Going On The Box For Serving That Bogger!’ | Police Get Sub-Standard Food During Operational Feeding

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When you ask the emergency services to go through extended tours of duty over the weekend, then the least you would expect is for the men and women on the thin blue line to get some decent food. 

Football aid is a prime example of when police officers could be sat on people carriers for extended periods waiting for the inevitable ‘bundle’ that often follows some notorious football matches. 

But a post shared on one private Facebook group, used for sharing pictures of emergency services ‘refs’ (refreshments) gives an insight into the pitfuls of having to rely on ‘convenient’ food supplied by your employer. 

In this case, an officer thought that he/she was going to be able to chow-down on a succulent ‘chicken sandwich’ with ‘no mayonnaise’ — precisely as it was described on the box. 

But judging by the picture, then it would appear that whoever put the chicken in the sandwich, forgot to put the whole serving in. 

Or maybe they ate the other ‘bits’ which should have gone into the sandwich? 

The ‘chicken’ ‘no mayonnaise’ option proved to be a let down

In a picture shared in ‘Rate My Refs’, a group member said:

Or maybe the multi-million-pound football clubs could pay for them to have some decent food? 

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