Hit The Ambulance “Victims” Start To Come Forward

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When we first wrote an article entitled: ‘A New Game Of ‘Hit The Ambulance Seems To Be Trending On Social Media’, the group behind the movement had 620 members. 

Having read ALL of the comments which were left on the article, we concluded that, on the whole, the men and women who serve on frontline ambulance crews said that they appreciate the gesture. 

A few people mentioned that they were worried about patient confidentiality. Still, hopefully, the generous people involved in this ‘movement’ won’t be approaching ambulance crews as they are in the middle of treating/moving their patients. 

Common sense must always be exercised when ‘hitting’ an ambulance!

So when the crew come back from what could be a particularly traumatic job, then they are met with a visual (and edible) representation of just how much the public support and appreciate the life-saving work they do. 

Since we wrote the original article, another 5,000 people (exactly) have joined the group, and the results are starting to come in!

The wonderful lady who set the group up even messaged us shortly after we published the article and said: ‘Oh Lord! Explosion is the only word! hahaha, what have we done.’

It definitely brought a smile to our faces, and hopefully, it is doing the same to the amazing men and women who dedicate their lives to saving others. 

We must not forget the amazing men and women who work tirelessly in hospitals up-and-down the country who are also saving lives daily. 

I am not quite sure that:

‘Hit The Nurse/Doctor/Midwife/HCA/Surgeon/Consultant/Registrar etc’ 

has the same ring to it or that leaving chocolate bars in the pockets of the aforementioned is practical. 

But maybe someone out there can come up with a similar ‘game’ for NHS staff? If you have any ideas, then send us a DM via our Facebook page (below). 

We were also delighted to see that one roaming medic has been the ‘victim’ of ‘Hit The Ambulance’. 

The recipient sent us a message and a photo of a sweet gift, along with a calling card, that had been left on their ambulance. 

The message said: ‘Act of kindness at Preston A&E today x.’

If you want to join the movement/campaign, then the link to the Facebook group is below (the founder might hate us for adding it into another article lol). 

But we love what we see as we know how such a simple gesture can really uplift the morale of the men and women who see traumatic and heartbreaking things daily that most of us will never see in our entire lives. 

We love the emergency services & NHS. And we just need to come up with a way of doing a similar thing for the rest of the emergency services!

Keep up the good work 🙂 

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  1. As a member of the Emergency services I can only thank All who partake in this totally selfless/thoughtful gesture . . On days when things are rough just to know you are appreciated is an amazing morale boost and goes a long long way ! THANKYOU ALL x x x

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