Has Anyone Lost Their Vintage Caravan?

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Storm Ciara might have left us, but her legacy still lingers on in the form of ownerless caravans which have been left on top of fences. 

If you look out of your window and you notice that your 1970’s themed caravan is no longer on its bricks, then you might want to head down to Fairacres Road in Didcot. 

Once you are there, however, you might have to try and work out how you are going to get your beloved caravan off the fence that it seems to be stuck on. 

That’s right folks; whereas some areas of the country have been plagued by low-flying bin lids and detached eyelashes (Essex), residents in Didcot have had come to terms with the fact that they have an ownerless caravan that needs clearing up. 

I have got no idea as to how much caravans weigh or what sort of wind speed would be required to lift a 1970’s vintage trailer off of its bricks into the air and on to a fence. 

But surely even the 80-90mph winds which storm Ciara brought with her would not be enough to launch a caravan into the air and on to a fence? 

If you are a mathematician, then feel free to do the sums and let us know in the comments below regarding what sort of wind speed would be necessary to pull this off. 

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