Diners Left Bemused After Confusing Cafe Menu

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I will be the first to admit that my spelling is far worse than it should be. 

I will also admit that I did not do particularly well in my English exams at school.

I was one of those kids who were just not interested in exams. There were far more exciting things going on. 

So now, I pretty much rely 100% upon of software such as ‘Grammarly’ to check my blogs before they are published because I know that my nieces and nephews (all aged under 10) can spell better than I can. 

Of course, there could have been some underlying issues at play here that we are not privy to. And I am not slagging off their spelling because, as I said, mine is not that good.

I just don’t understand why they didn’t use a dictionary to double-check words such as ‘omette’ and ‘sadiches’ or even ‘mede’? 

I have always been taught that, when you run a business, then first impressions are essential. 

If I knew where this cafe was located, then I would happily donate one of my dictionaries to the proprietor. 

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One comment

  1. I wonder how many people bought a breakfast, just so they could comment on the Spelling.
    A Good Idea to get people through the door.

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