Council Installs 30 Metal Posts To Stop Homeless Guy Sleeping Here, But He Rose Above It!

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I think that most people would agree that governments around the world should do more to help the men and women who find themselves sleeping rough. 

After all, we are relieved of thousands of pounds each year – in the form of taxes – to help those who are in need. 

But for one local council in Copenhagen, they felt that the best way to deal with someone who was sleeping rough in the entrance to a run-down store was to install 30 long metal posts of equal height in a bid to dissuade the male from sleeping in one specific spot.

But, as you would expect, it did not work. 

Image credit: Neil Hillman

As you would expect, the comments being left both commended the rough sleeper and denounced him. 

But I would have loved to of seen the faces of the council staff who were responsible for the erecting the posts when they spotted the male sleeping in precisely the same spot. 

But what do you think? Let us and our readers know in the comments below. 

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Image credit: Neil Hillman

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  1. Clever guy at least hes not on floor level so wont get as wet hopefully. Theres no need for people to live on street theres enough money in country just a shame theiving governments steal it all

  2. Instead of paying gods amount of money on the post why did they not find him a home he could stay in.

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