Could This Tweet Save The Planet?

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Unless you sell fossil fuels/plastics/meat or profit from them in some way, then you would probably accept that we have damaged our environment. 

How else can we explain the severe weather which we have seen over the last few years? 

From droughts in Australia to flooding in the UK, there isn’t an area of the planet that hasn’t escaped the rapid changes in the weather which many scientists have attributed to our blatant disregard for our environment. 

And let’s not forget, that the majestic Maldives could be underwater in the next decade owing to a rise in sea levels due to the rate at which glaciers are starting to melt. 

To be fair, if they did have this sign above the doors to my local supermarket, then it would prevent me swearing under my breath each time I realise that I have left my ‘bags for life’ at home under the sink. 

But would it save the planet? Let us know what you think in the comments below

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