Barrister Causes Twitter Storm After Referring To The Plans Not To Release Terror Prisoners Early As An ‘Outrage’

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A Barrister has caused quite a bit of upset on twitter after slamming plans not to give early release to prisoners who have been convicted of terror-related offences. 

The Government is planning to stop the automatic early released of prisoners who have been convicted of terrorism-related offences after two such early release prisoners went on knife rampages after being released from prisoner early. 

On 29th November, two people were stabbed to death, and another three were injured after Usman Khan was released early from prison having served just half of the sentence that was handed down to him after being convicted of terror-related offences. 

Khan was shot dead by brave police officers after equally courageous members of the public overpowered Khan amid his frenzied and cold-blooded knife attack. 

But referring to the governments plans to stop the early release of convicted terrorists, Chris Daw QC tweeted to say:

“Make no mistake – this is an outrage. 

“Prisoners who were told by THE JUDGE that they would serve half of their sentence in prison will see those words erased retrospectively. 

“What price the integrity of British justice?

“Who will be next? You?”

@barbaraward1211 tweeted in response:

“Chris, you are so wrong, what about public security, lock them up for life I would prefer.”

@Sirjervisfruit said:

“I am genuinely at a loss for words with your attitude…seriously how do you think we should deal with convicted terrorists”.

While @FireNFury2 captured the sentiment of many by saying:

“Them locked up or my kids being safe?

“It’s really not a hard choice. They don’t end up in Belmarsh for nicking a mars bar. 

“Don’t want to get banged up? Don’t be a stabby scumbag.”

But what do you, our readers, think? Should the ‘rights’ of a convicted terrorist be put above the safety of the general public? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Really !!! I wonder if you would have the same opinion if either you or a member of your family were to be stabbed or attacked ?
    The risk now of being attacked / stabbed is a very real one at present , and releasing perpetrators of these attacks early just exacerbates the problems .
    What a senseless comment .

  2. If this lawyer is so outraged and believes this really is unfair, how about he takes upon himself personal liability for any crime committed by any early released terrorist?

  3. they should be locked up for twice as long, not half as long or less. Life should mean life for these people. Or hang them. Which is a lot cheaper.

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