Are You An Armchair Policeman/woman?

You have already probably heard of the term ‘professional bystander’. A professional bystander is someone who feels compelled to give advice to the emergency services despite having never served in the emergency services themselves. 

Professional bystanders are particularly active anywhere where there has been a road closure, and they are also ‘experts’ when it comes to telling the police how much force they should be using when trying to detain a violent individual. 

Clearly, a professional bystander knows precisely how to detain someone, what threat they pose (based on their access to various police intelligence databases) and how much force should (or should not) be used. 

Professional bystanders can also be particularly useful when medics are treating a patient as most professional bystanders have seen back-to-back episodes of all of the ambulance documentaries which are on TV at the moment. 

Professional bystanders also love to turn up at the scene of a fire to point out to firefighters where they should be aiming their high-pressure hoses. 

But one-up from professional bystanders, we find the ‘armchair policeman/woman’. 

These are a special breed of individual and typically take all of their policing experience from their imagination. 

They are described as:

‘What a person becomes when, upon receiving word of a police incident from the internet, the news, or word of mouth, one advises on how the police should have “properly” handled the situation in line with police protocol, the law, etc. 

‘Usually, this occurs when the police have been accused of wrongdoing or, even more commonly, when the police have been accused of no wrongdoing, yet the receiving party believes they are almost entirely at fault’.

You will often see ‘Armchair Policeman/woman’ surface after a critical incident. 

They lurk in the media and always tell everyone what the police did wrong, despite not having the qualities or bravery needed to join the police force. 

But can you think of any well-known ‘armchair policeman/woman’? Let us know in the comments below! 

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