A New Game Of ‘Hit The Ambulance’ Seems To Be Trending On Social Media

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More and more people are becoming aware of the emotional struggles often faced by emergency services personnel, including the battle they sometimes have with morale. 

Because the emergency services have such a large workload, blue-light responders and other volunteers such as Community First Responders, search and rescue teams, lifeboat crews and blood bikers often go from job to job without being able to have some much-needed downtime. 

Most people in a 9-5 office job cannot go one hour without having a break. Yet, the amazing men and women in the emergency services often go from traumatic call to traumatic call without even being able to stop for a decent break during a 12-16 hour shift. 

But some people have clubbed together and have come up with a way of trying to boost the morale of, in this case, emergency ambulance crews. 

“Speak to the crew a bit 10 points. 

“But for 20 points, leave them looking bemused hand over the choccies, biscuits.,whatever smile say have a good shift, and then disappear”.

This gesture would earn you five points

We all know that one way of uplifting the morale of our fellow humans is to give them sugary treats. If you want to join the Facebook group that has been set up for this ‘game’ then CLICK HERE

But do you think this ‘game’ will help to increase the morale of our first responders? 

Let us know what YOU think in the comments below

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    1. 100 points for any gifts left in the control room for the amazing people who deal with the calls

  1. Great Idea. Let them know we think the World of ALL Emergency Crews.
    I’m biased so Fire First.😁👍

    1. Sounds brilliant. I once got a bunch of flowers from a random mop along with a simple thank you. It goes a long way.

  2. Absolutely! Everyone loves to be acknowledged, and even a kind word can boost your mood…
    And chocolate… well that’s a bonus👍😊

      1. Certainly no time for sleeping in the Ambulance service!!!

      2. Ambulance crews would love this! Morale is at all time low with crews just now. And they certainly don’t sleep during a shift!!!

  3. If someone left me some chocolate on my blood bike, I’d be well chuffed. Like the ambulances, we sometimes go from job to job to job and never have time to atop for breaks.
    Act of random kindness always make your day.
    10/10 👍🏍👍🏍👍🏍

    1. One of my colleagues with North West Blood Bikes L&L recently had some chocolates and a thank you note left on his bike as he nipped into a shop for a cuppa during his shift – a lovely heartwarming gesture.

  4. My family and I did a collection of grab and go food over the xmas period for my local ambulance service…my daughter and I took the donations up xmas eve and they were gob smacked at the generosity of the local people we had photos taken with the crew it was brill…come o let’s get this game going xx

    1. I’m working at present doing the above job. I’m now 8.5hrs into my shift and not yet had a break. I’ve managed to squeeze in 1 cup of tea since I booked on duty. Just a biscuit right now would be amazing. X

  5. Lovely thing to do my daughter is a paramedic and works long hours sometimes without a break

  6. Someone left me and crew mate bemused so got 20 points. They have us 2 full coffee cards😊

  7. Well it’s a damn sight more encouragement than we get from any of our so-called ‘managers’ so I can see it having a great effect on morale.

  8. The idea is great…but without common sense it will be an invasion of a patient’s privacy. Embarrassing enough for the casualty getting taken out to the ambulance, without having someone come up to the crew, chatting nonsense and leaving biccys just to earn 20 points.

    I certainly appreciate the sentiments though, all messages of thanks are certainly well received.

  9. I think it’s a lovely thing to do Perks you up when you are having a rubbish day. 👍🏼👏

  10. Been doing this for years, I make tiny Angels on Embroidery Machine, if either myself or Hubby see an Emergency worker of any kind we always give them an Angel each and tell them to stay safe.

    1. I think this is a great idea but with idiots today taking things to the extreme, I fear this might do more harm than good. Plus, in another comment, someone wrote about patient confidentiality…..I would hope that anything left for the crew is done with complete discretion as not to get in the way of such important work. The last thing I would want if being stretchered out of my home is Vera from number 22 chatting to the crew about her infected toe while wishing them a good shift.

  11. Brilliant idea iam a community responder with Wmas it be lovely to show how much we all are appreciated every one does a amazing jobs

  12. Nice idea, but I’d be very wary of what it might be contaminated with, as we know only too well some people (sub-humans in reality) hate any form of ‘authority’ and see you as a target.

  13. As a paramedic on four different occasions I was a receiver of random acts of kindness. The first time I was handed a rose . Second time I was told my coffee was paid for. Another time I was handed a kindness bag with little treats. The last time I was handed two lovely chocolate treats. A little kindness goes a long way

  14. my first reaction was more ambulances are being attacked (blue Family so figures 😉 so a name change is needed xx

  15. I am a retired Ambobod. I once spent an hour or so with an elderly chap who wasn’t long for this world. With the family there, it was decided to make him comfortable and keep him at home.
    As I was about to leave, I was handed a drawing of two lizards from his little granddaughter. A thank you for helping her grandad.
    I have it tattooed on my leg.

  16. Lovely idea. Nice to show that our emergency services are really appreciated. Goes a long way to boost moral

  17. Somebody left a £10 note on our ambulance and asked to buy ourselves a coffee, it was much appreciated we were under the code at the time and made our night.

  18. 30 points if you go up to a poor lonely RRV solo working Paramedic (who doesn’t get cups of tea at hospital) and just give her a hug! She’ll award an extra 10 points if you want your photo taken too!

  19. A very nice idea but far to risky it will only take some lowlife with a syringe and needle to put peoples lives at risk. far better to do what i do if i see them in petrol station or a coffee shop etc i offer them a coffee and danish or similar at my expense, or as some one has said left a bank note under wiper or some £1/2 coins on the wiper but not food,

  20. We had a strong Trade Union when I worked and if any managements was so incompetent as to impose the sort of shift system I read about in the Ambulance Service we would have been out on the pavement.

  21. I think this is a great idea but with idiots today taking things to the extreme, I fear this might do more harm than good. Plus, in another comment, someone wrote about patient confidentiality…..I would hope that anything left for the crew is done with complete discretion as not to get in the way of such important work. The last thing I would want if being stretchered out of my home is Vera from number 22 chatting to the crew about her infected toe while wishing them a good shift.

  22. Its a great idea
    Don’t forget all the Drs and nurses working so hard in the A&E departments who equally have a tough time with long hours, no breaks and unpleasant cases to deal with such a suicide, death and trauma

    1. Indeed, though one team that are studiously ignored are the mortuary attendants, they have a truly awful job at times, one long passed I knew was the local Police’s first port of call for ‘messy’ suicide clean-up. Front line Ambo staff might be called to the scene, and possibly a Dr to certify, though a 12 Bore makes that pretty superfluous, he’d spend hours recovering as much ‘evidence’ as possible before washing down walls and ceilings etc, though the worst were children killed in RTA’s, back before child seats or even seat belts. You never forget your first fatal, but having that regularly refreshed as they did really takes a toll…

  23. A humans greatest need is to be appreciated. So often we dont even get a thank you all day. Great idea… what’s not to like. #paramedicthoughts

  24. I’m going to do this on Wednesday at bridlington ambulance station by leaving some chocolate on every ambulance and paramedic car as they are always on the go as they do a great job and leave a nice little note saying that I have just hit the ambulance

  25. I was once handed a little package by a friend of a patient after attending a house party and was told not to open it until my shift finished. I complied and found he had given me a quantity of weed!

  26. I work in a Doctors surgery and we have been hit by a lovely lady who provides cake on a regular basis (she isn’t even one of our patients). It makes us smile at a time when many patients are renting their angers and frustrations at the reception team. Thank you Mary – you are a star!

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