Twitter User Gloats After ‘All Cops Are Bastards’ Graffiti Is Sprayed On Met Police Car

Imagine the scene; you are visiting London with your family when all-of-a-sudden, a masked oxygen thief armed with a knife attacks you and your family because he wants your money. 

Someone sees your family coming under attack, so they call 999 and ask for the police. 

The Police control room staff gets all of the information required from the informant before sending out a message to all available police units which might be in the area to respond to you and your family on a blue-light call. 

However, the patrol Sargeant lets the control room know that because some dips**t has just sprayed graffiti on one of their response vehicles, it has had to be taken out of action meaning that they are a vehicle down. 

Check out the name on that Twitter handle. ‘Kathy’ sounds like she has some issues

All of the other local response vehicles are either tucked up with prisoners or are on a hospital guard, meaning that there is nobody to send to you and your family. 

This scenario is a very real one and happened quite often when I was serving in the Met Police on a 999 response team. 

If the above scenario didn’t give you any cause for concern, then imagine this one instead: 

Your 4-year-old child has just gone missing after you took your eyes off of them for two seconds but again, there are no police units available to respond because the only available car, has just had to be taken out of service because some idiot has just damaged it. 

The idiots (the politest word I can use) who damage police cars are putting you and your families at risk. 

The idiots that damage police cars care more about their egos than they do the welfare of their fellow citizens. 

Wouldn’t it be ironic if, moments after spraying this police car, the person doing it was the victim of a robbery? Still, there were no police units to send because they had just put the only available response vehicle out of action?

The idiots who damage police cars are putting other people lives at risk. They don’t care, but you should. 

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One thought on “Twitter User Gloats After ‘All Cops Are Bastards’ Graffiti Is Sprayed On Met Police Car

  1. To me it looks like criminal damage. A taxpayer is going to have to pay for the damage so another cost to the community – regardless of what our thoughts are about the police.

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