Male Spotted On London Underground Wearing A Gas Mask To Avoid Getting Coronavirus

As the world continues to try and develop a vaccine for the virus that started in a live animal market in Wuhan, China, some people are taking extreme measures to avoid contracting COVID-19 (the new name for Coronavirus). 

Suppliers around the world are struggling to keep up with the demand for face masks as more and more people are turning to them to try and avoid contracting Coronavirus. 

We have even seen pictures of people on public transport systems using plastic bottles on their heads as well as face masks. 

Empty 5-litre water bottles of water are finding their way onto peoples heads after they have cut the bottoms out. 

To be honest, who can blame them for trying it? 

You might look silly, but at least it could lower your chances of getting the virus. 

But for one commuter on the London Underground, even face masks, and empty bottles are not enough. 

He wanted better protection, and he did not care about what other people thought when it comes to how he looked. And rightly so. 

The male was snapped by a fellow commuter wearing a full-on military-grade gas mask. 

It looks like the same sort of gas masks I used during NBCD training when I served in the armed forces, so heck knows where he got it from!? 

Probably eBay. 

He is also wearing black latex gloves which, considering how filthy the London underground and London overground are, then I cannot blame him. 

The thing is, if I had to use public transport in London daily, then I would be wearing what this guy is wearing. So I envy his ability not to care what other people think concerning how he looks.

I am relatively sure that his ‘kit’ is giving him a good chance of avoiding Coronavirus, which matters considering there is no cure for it at the moment.

Let’s face it; most people who use public transport would probably like to wear the same gas mask if they had it. 

So personally, I admire this male for having the guts to sit on the London Underground wearing a military-grade gas mask. 

But what do you think? Is it too much? Or do you not blame him for taking these precautions? 

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One thought on “Male Spotted On London Underground Wearing A Gas Mask To Avoid Getting Coronavirus

  1. i dont blame him!! if hes regularly uses the underground , the amount of adults Ive SEEN in one underground jjourney not covering mouths when coughing is ATROCIOUS. . same with buses!!! 😡

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