WATCH: Dutch Cop Helps To Tie The Laces Of Man With Injured Arm

If you have ever had to have your arm in a sling, then you will know just how frustrating it is when you have to try and carry out everyday tasks such as going to the toilet or tieing up your shoelaces. 

You either have to risk tripping over and falling flat on your face, or you have to try and struggle to tie your laces as everyone around you watches on with a smile on their faces. 

Thankfully for one male who was taking a casual walk around the cultural city of Amsterdam, help was only a few seconds away. 

In a video uploaded to Twitter, a dutch cop can be seen helping a rather red-faced male by doing his laces up for him. 

At least the male can carry on with his window shopping without the worry of tripping over his laces and landing on one of those big poles. 

Or, even worse than falling on a pole, the male could have ended up in the canal had the officer not have stepped in to lend a hand. 

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