Police Officer Hits Back After Being ‘Appalled’ Having Seen ‘One Of The Most Offensive Messages Ever’

When PC Rosie Finnis saw a tweet that had been published by ‘The Transformed Wife’, she decided to try and enlighten the publisher with some shared wisdom.

In the tweet in question, ‘The Transformed Wife’ said that women in police uniform are “unattractive to men” and should “stick to being feminine” – sentiments which many of us thought had been consigned to the history books. 

PC Finnis, who works for Essex Police, said that the tweet was ‘one of the most offensive things she’s ever read’ and proudly posted a picture of herself in her police uniform. 

‘The Transformed Wife’ believes that being in the military or serving in the police are “men’s jobs” and it is an opinion that she is sticking to. 

Her tweet in full read: 

“I’m not sure how men could be attracted to women dressed as men like female police officers and females in the military.

“These are men’s jobs. 

“If they weren’t, then women could dress like women in these jobs, but they can’t. Stick to being feminine, women.”

But PC Finnis defiantly replied: 

“This is one of the most offensive things I’ve ever read.

“I am confident when I say; there’s not a female police officer that joined the job because the uniform is flattering.

“To minimise the work we do down to a uniform is appalling. I’m not here for men to find attractive.”

But rather than taking on the point of view of a female who is actually serving in the police and who actually wears the uniform with pride, ‘The Transformed Wife’ hit back with:

“Imagine getting in an uproar because I encourage Christian women to be feminine, dress feminine, and not to go after male dominated, masculine jobs.

“It’s heartbreaking to see mothers taken away from their babies for months on end because they have decided to pursue these jobs.

“I watch women who are cashiers, doctors, behind desks in offices, & all other areas of the workforce & wonder is this better than being home with ones’ children?

“They think that what they’re doing is ‘freedom’ while being the one home raising their own children is oppressive?”

She continued: 

“Many are angry with me for saying that I’m not a fan of women being in the military & police force, but the blurring of the sexes has been catastrophic for our culture.

“Children having ‘gender confusion’ & men beating women in their own sports. This is the end game of feminism.”

But what do you think? We are interested in reading your views – make sure you leave a comment below.

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24 thoughts on “Police Officer Hits Back After Being ‘Appalled’ Having Seen ‘One Of The Most Offensive Messages Ever’

  1. I work in a male dominated job, I drive coaches and I find that this “woman” has a Draconian attitude to life, probably has a rich husband and doesn’t need to work. Females in the armed forces and front line policing I salute you, you’re in a job that you want to do and you do it well. Obviously this woman hasn’t seen soldiers in dress uniform also the police when at functions, or worse, the dress uniform certainly isn’t manly!!!!!!

    1. As a woman that likes women, I personally find uniforms on women very appealing. I see the the army and and police uniform as being strong along with many other uniforms.
      Surely women in these uniforms can teach children that women are strong too, women can protect and help you too. And woman can do more then wash up. I would want my daughter to aspire to be something in a growing world and not that she doesn’t need to do anything with her life.
      Surgeons where trousers and gowns, male or female, I don’t think there overly attractive but it’s fit for purpose.

  2. The uniform isn’t designed to be sext but practical. I remember the days when female officers (we were allowed to call them WPC’s then) used to wear skirts and had to wear white bras so as to to show out. They were more than capable of doing the job and in some cases better than some men. However they were nearly all conscious of being ladylike and not showing their underwear etc – especially in a scrap!
    Even in the new uniform – ladies doing these jobs can be sexy and attractive because a true person looks at the person and not what they look like.
    The feminist wife or whatever she is called needs to get a life.

    1. Thank you Steve. When I was a Met police officer back in the 70s our uniform was designed by Norman Hartnell; google it for a hollow laugh. Straight skirts might have looked “feminine” but they were useless when you had to run, plus we had capes that just got in the way. The pill box hats gave no head protection at all; I still have a scar on my head from when I was hit with a bottle in a pub brawl in Whitechapel. We wore white cotton shirts that had to be ironed but the men had pale blue nylon shirts that didn’t need ironing because “men shouldn’t be expected to iron their shirts but women know how to do this”. The introduction of a unisex uniform, which meant we could wear trousers, gradually changed the station sexist banter and we were finally seen as police officers rather than “w-plonks”. The “Transformed Wife” obviously lives in Stepford (google Stepford Wives if your not familar with the book) and would take us back to the days when it was assumed that all WPCs knew how to type, ‘man’ the station switchboard, look after screaming kids until Social Services arrived and make copious amounts of tea and coffee for the ‘real’ police officers.That’s not going to happen, mam, so you’ll just have to suck it up. LOL

  3. Well done PC Finnis. I spent 20 years wearing a uniform and working in a very male dominated role, driving vehicle recovery trucks. The uniforms “The Transformed Wife” is referring to aren’t tailored to look pretty, they have to be safety conscious and functional. I imagine “The Transformed Wife” would be very grateful of any help either PC Finnis, her female colleagues, blue, green or red, or myself could provide should she ever need any of us.

    1. lets hope the person who wrote the message gets an early appointment for their lobotomy. I think they need to bandage their knuckles as they must be scraping off the ground

  4. Just another “Keyboard Warrior “ without Twitter we would never hear from them. Ignore and get on with the excellent job / career that you have chosen.

  5. Transformed Wife? Sounds like she’s still stuck in the 1950’s and is pickled in aspic for posterity. Presumably another wee wifey who lives at home paid for by the sweat of her man’s back- at least the Police Officer can hold her head high and say she earns her own money. TW mentioned the “G” word which says it all. Probably self-flagellates as well, while tightening the barbed straps round her thigh. To date I don’t think that Jaeger has come up with a Kevlar-lined silk blouse?

  6. I don’t care about the opinions of @transformed wife@, But am appalled that this is one of the most offensive comments she has seen. Our police officer needs to see a little more of life

  7. If Mrs Snowflake doesnt like females in either the Police or Military she is going to have a meltdown when I tell her…here in West Yorkshire Police we have female Authorised Firearms Officers.

  8. The throwback obviously think all you ladies should be chained to the kitchen sink and the stove and have no intellectual capacity to take on paid employment. And yet she probably went through a boomer or later education, not a Victorian era one. I wonder how her attitudes were formed.

  9. The way to win these arguments is to ignore them,when my daughter was growing up I told her that with the exception of a few professions that require high levels of strength she could do any job she liked.having seen lady footbaler ,rugby players police armed force pilots etc I would now have say ,and to gether with the contribution women did in the two world wars ignore the bigots abusers trolls and just go for it and fulfill your dreams

  10. I spent 16 years in the Army and believe me yes the uniform was not attractive. However I did a job I was proud of and did it just as well as any man. This woman needs to get out of the dark age

  11. Wow, talk about living back in the dark ages, some women have to work, some women choose to go back to work, that does not make them any less of a mother!! In fact it shows the child that you can have a career as well as being a parent. How about we stop beating each other up on social media and support each other. What works for one, doesn’t for another, it’s up to us to support each other!!!!

  12. I salute women in uniform! They have the courage to do such a tough job, wether it’s a police officer, EMS, being in the army, whatever! They stand up for their country or try to help the general public, they are there putting their lives on the line! If they want to look girly they can when they’re off duty! They are females and the uniform doesn’t make them look any less feminine! I commend every one of them!!!!

  13. How dare people judge our brave female officers … do you care what they look like when your desperate and need help !

  14. As a retired police officer I read The Transformed Wife’s comments with interest until she mentioned chistian women and I reralised that she has an imaginary friend. I’ll put my faith in the many uniformed women who help keep me safe; many of those same women were far more capable than me and just plain, bloody good coppers. Keep up the good work PC Finnis.

  15. I think she looks stunning in that uniform.
    she is doin a job she no doubt loves.the uniform is a must dont think wearing a miniskirt would be appropriate although I wouldnt complain.if I didn’t have a partner she could lock me up anytime 😁

  16. Good on yer Rosie.

    I save my dressing up and make up for going out and the uniform for when I need to do my job /career which I have been committed too since I was 19. I’m not a bra burning feminist. But a lady who wanted to be a paramedic and not a nurse (which is where my careers advisor said I should go).

    I’ve not been lucky to have my own children, but encourage my step daughter and son to be whatever they want to be. Whatever the societal norms are.

    Well said Rosie. Keep up the good work of protecting us, breaking down barriers put up by people who have outdated ideas.

  17. Being a woman in the military I find these comments by the “transformed wife” laughable. I don’t go to work thinking “oh gosh, I hope I look pretty, sexy and attractive today”. I wear my uniform with honour and pride to protect my country and stand up for what I believe in. I have been away on many detachments through the years and had to leave my child like any other female or male in the military has to. I do this with pride and not just sat behind a keyboard making ridiculous comments. # what have you done for your country lately!!

  18. Miss Fancy Pants should get off her high heals and get with the times. When a police officer comes to her door in an emergency and it’s a women, well guess what, you’re not gonna care!

  19. Paul -retired Police Officer. I am appalled that there are still these views as dictated by Transformed wife. I completed a full service in the Police and worked with some amazing officers both male and female. We relied on each other be it male or female to do the most important job of protecting the public. It did not matter what sex the officer was, everyone just stuck together remained professional at all times and got difficult but thoroughly rewarding job done. I was and still am proud to have served in the Army and The Police.

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