Ikea’s New Meat-Free ‘Plant Balls’ Are Coming To Europe In August!

You are probably one of the millions of people who have enjoyed Ikea’s infamous meatballs which they sell for next to nothing in their truly vast stores. 

I have always been partial to the chicken meatballs myself and have relied on them for loads of quick-and-easy meals when I have run out of pot noodles and two-minute super noodles. 

But starting in August this year (2020), Ikea will now also be selling its brand new ‘plant balls’ in over 290 of its European stores, according to an article published by The Verge

This is excellent news for people like me who are trying to ween themselves off of meat owing to the many health benefits of plant-based diets. 

The “plant balls” will be made out of a combination of potatoes, apples, oats and pea protein. 

In 2019 as well as selling quadrillions of tonnes of flatpack, Ikea also sold over ONE BILLION meatballs. 

These ‘plant balls’ are different from other edible products which have been developed by Ikea because they are intended to have the “familiar taste and texture of Ikea meatballs”. 

If you try to spend as little time as possible in Ikea and prefer to get your flat pack and run, then fear not because as well as being served in their in-store restaurants, these ‘plant balls’ will also be on sale in their frozen sections. 

Anyone who has previously chowed down on Ikea’s veggie hotdog will no doubt be looking forward to getting these veggie balls in their mouths. 

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Image credit: Ikea

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