WATCH: Motorcyclists Show Their Softer Side In Heartwarming Video

Motorcyclists often get a reputation for being ‘hardasses’ mainly because ‘we’ are. 

I say ‘we’ because I have been a keen motorcyclist for several years and I have witnessed first hand how my fellow road users try to avoid contact with me at all costs. 

This is especially so when you are stuck in traffic lights and decide to spend the time looking around you. 

If you happen to catch another motorist gaze, then they immediately look away as if you are going to put your lid through their windscreen just for looking at you. 

To be fair, motorcyclists are like an informal brother/sisterhood, and we will always look out for our fellow bikers if ever they find themselves in a bit of a situation such as an RTC etc.

But, judging by the video below, then it would seem that this courtesy has now been extended to ducks and ducklings. 

In the video, we can see three motorcyclists as they help a duck and her little ducklings cross a country road. 

I take my lid off to them for doing this, because standing where there were could have ended up with a car ploughing into them! 

Especially as the motorcyclists furthest away from the person filming appears to be stood on the exit of a blind bend! 

The video was uploaded to Twitter just under a month ago and has already notched up 320k views. 

But what do you think; should they of stopped to help the duck and her little ducklings? I am going to stick my lid out there and say ‘yes’. 

Even motorcyclists have a soft side…

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