‘I Know You Do A Fantastic Job…But parking Across Our Carpark Entrance Is A Bit Off’

I will admit to having been blocked in by an emergency vehicle before, but I will also admit that it really did not bother me. Not even in the slightest. 

On the morning concerned, I phoned up my boss and told her that I was going to be late and the reason why I was going to be late, and she completely understood. 

Because she is a decent human being.

There was no way that I was going to start knocking on my neighbour’s houses to try and find out where the crew were so I could ask them to move their ambulance. 

Even the thought of doing that makes me want to vomit. Somebody somewhere needed help, and the assistance that was being given to him/her was far more important than my need to get to work. 

So it makes you wonder what motivates people to take pictures of ambulances which have parked up and then upload those images onto social media. 

But that is precisely what one citizen did when they were met with the sight of an emergency ambulance that had parked across an entrance to a carpark, despite there being more than one entrance/exit to the carpark in question. 

In a tweet, @SilverTears123 said:

“I know you do a fantastic job, but parking across our carpark entrance is a bit off especially as there are spaces in the carpark where you could have parked it was not even a blue light job where you had to be quick”.

I just want to spend 30 seconds breaking this down in the hope that future episodes of taking pictures of emergency vehicles and uploading them to social media, might be reduced. 

Just because an ambulance does not arrive on the scene with its blue lights flashing and siren blaring does not mean that they are not attending a medical emergency. 

Sometimes, especially during the middle of the night and in quiet roads, crews will turn off their blue lights and sirens before arriving at the location. 

From the picture, it seems fairly evident that there was more than one entrance/exit to the carpark, so I am not too sure where this Twitter users frustration has come from. 

This twitter user should have just said: “@SCAS999 you do a fantastic job” and then left it at that. 

Hopefully, my simplistic explanation might help to educate people who go for a stroll at night only to find that there is an emergency vehicle parked somewhere they did not expect it to be. 

Noone actually expects emergency services personnel to waste their time having to park their vehicles just to appease professional bystanders. 

But do you think we are wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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One thought on “‘I Know You Do A Fantastic Job…But parking Across Our Carpark Entrance Is A Bit Off’

  1. Agree with you 100%! I’ve blocked people in that had to go to work & they asked me to move the ambo. When I refused, they would get pissed. I just shake my head at them & carry on.

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