Cop Fired After Placing Six-Year-Old Sobbing Girl In Cable Ties

Bodycam footage has been released showing the moment when a police officer (Orlando, USA) places a terrified six-year-old girl in cable ties before leading her off to a police car. 

Terrified Kaia Rolle can be heard begging with the officer to let her go as she cries with fear in the footage that has been released by a lawyer acting on behalf of the family. 

Teachers at the Lucious And Emma Nixon Academy had called the police in September last year after it was alleged that the six-year-old girl had been kicking members of staff.

As the footage begins, young Kaia can be seen sitting calmly as she listened to a teacher read her a story. 

As soon as Kaia sees the cable ties in the hands of the Orlando Police officer, she asks: “What are those for?” to which the teacher replies: “They’re for your hands.”

As the officer cable ties the girl’s hands together, she begins to cry and sob as she can be heard asking the teacher for help. Kaia can be heard to say: “I don’t wanna go”. 

The teacher can be heard to say: “okay Kaia, you have got to go with them, baby girl”. 

As Kaia is led out of the school in cuffs, she asks the police officer for a second chance and then asks to be let go once she is placed in the back of a police car. 

The police officer tries to console the girl, but by this stage, she is sobbing uncontrollably. 

Once the girl is in the car, one of the police officers goes back into the school and is asked by a teacher whether the restraints are necessary. 

The officer replies: “yes, and if she was older, she’d be wearing regular handcuffs.”

Kaia’s grandmother, Marilyn Kirkland, picked her up from a juvenile detention facility where she was fingerprinted, had her photo taken and was charged with battery. 

The officer has been fired from the department, and an internal investigation has also been launched. 

Police chief Orlando Rolon: “As a grandfather myself, I understand how traumatic this incident was for the children and everyone involved.”

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5 thoughts on “Cop Fired After Placing Six-Year-Old Sobbing Girl In Cable Ties

  1. It’s disgusting that a child so young and so tiny couldn’t have been dealt with by the school. Not just the Officer being sacked but the teacher who called in Police should also be sacked

  2. yes it is shocking but what is even more shocking is a 6 yr old child kicking adults, they should of called the parents in first before going any further.

  3. It’s disgusting that poor little girl will be scared for life he is a heart less pig for doing it to the child

  4. Working at a special needs school during one incident alone i was bitten 4 times and kick in the nuts, no police were called so i think the main problem here is the school for ringing the police in the first place.

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