Lucky Outcome For Owner Of £150K Aston Martin Vantage Roadster After Brand New Demo Vehicle Is Stolen

There are few things worse than, having worked your socks off, someone helping themselves to your property. 

If you have never been the victim of a theft, then it is not a pleasant experience. You work all the hours you can to try and buy some nice things, only for some oxygen thief to then come along and help themselves to your property. 

Having your car stolen is even worse! 

Last year, someone nicked my old banger of a car, but it hardly had any fuel in it, so I made my way down to the local petrol station and, hey presto, the oxygen thief who nicked it had just put £1’s worth of petrol in it. 

So when someone does steal your car, then getting it back in one piece is a great feeling. 

Image Credit: PC Paul Harrison | @PcPaulHarrison1 on Twitter

We can, therefore, imagine how the owner of a brand new, not yet released, Aston Martin Vantage Roadster felt after his pride and joy (worth over £150,000) was stolen in Brentwood, Essex, yesterday (24th Feb) evening. 

The owner had taken the car on tour to advertise it to potential buyers. It had been kept in a specially designed trailer (worth £28,000) that was also stolen, along with a white Land Rover Discovery.

But some thieves thought that they would help themselves to the vehicles as well as the trailer and managed to drive away with them. 

Thankfully, the owner found the car after it was abandoned in Abridge with only minimal damage to it. 

Image Credit: PC Paul Harrison | @PcPaulHarrison1 on Twitter

Even though the tracker had been disabled, it pinged out its last known location before it fell silent. The owner made his way to its last known location, and it was still there! 

The white Land Rover and distinctive trailer are still missing so if you spot them, then call Essex Police on 111 quoting reference 264 of 25/02/20 so that they can be returned to their rightful owner.  

The white Land Rover and trailer were last spotted in Abridge last night at around 11.46pm. 

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