Even Restaurants Are Carrying Out ‘Hits’ On Emergency Vehicles!

I bet that when you first heard of ‘Hit The Ambulance’ and ‘Hit The Heroes’, then you thought that only chocolate bars and cakes would be left on emergency vehicles? 

Most of the ‘hits’ which have been carried out so far seem to involve chocolate bars, crisps and cakes; which is excellent if you need a quick fix, but not so great if you are trying to look after your body. 

One paramedic recently returned to his vehicle to find a bag of sweets which had been left for him by a kind stranger. 

The timing could not have been better as the paramedic was 8.5 hours into his shift and had not had a chance to stop for some food yet. 

In a post shared on Twitter, the hungry medic said: 

‘8.5hrs into the shift, no break, no food and a lovely lady “hits the ambulance” with these bad boys. 

‘#DayMade #BeKind’. 

This single tweet alone is proof (if ever it was needed) of just how these random acts of kindness really can help to uplift the morale of the emergency services. 

And we think that we have now found the first example of a restaurant getting involved in a ‘hit’. 

In a tweet, @AnokiRestaurant said:

“We recently gave some ready meals to Derby’s emergency service workers as a thank you for serving our communities. 

“We hope Derby’s hard-working paramedics enjoyed their Anoki Express dishes’.

What a fantastic gesture and what a great way to help keep our emergency services fully fuelled as they go about their life-saving work. 

Especially when they are knocking out 10-12 hour shifts without even being able to have a break!

If you want to get involved with this fantastic movement, then CLICK HERE to join the group! 

We have seen lots of ambulances being ‘hit’, but we are still waiting for pictures of other emergency vehicles also being ‘hit.’ 

Share this campaign far and wide! Let’s see how many great people there are out there!

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