Angry Mum Takes To Social Media To Complain About Parked Police Van

An angry mum has vented her frustration on social media after she came up against a police van that was parked on the pavement. 

The image along with the caption: “1st class parking had to go round onto round [sic] with a pram at 3.15 pm which is a busy time on this road” was shared in the ‘spotted Cumbria’ Facebook page.

The post attracted a wide range of comments from members of the group including: “Because responsible adults can’t cross roads safely with prams these days” and “How dare they respond to a job to park outside the property just because some insensitive person requires an emergency response”.

Police vans will often park as close as they can to an address to gain quick access to a property. 

For example, they might have to transport a violent prisoner, so need their van to be close to a property so that members of the public do not get hurt. 

And while this can mean causing a bit of inconvenience for other pedestrians and road users, most emergency services personnel will try and park with as little trouble to other road users as possible. 

But sometimes these sort of inconveniences just cannot be avoided as is probably the case here. 

It is fair to say that this mum probably did not take part in the ‘Hit The Heroes’ phenomenon whereby members of the public (and some restaurants) leave food on unattended emergency vehicles…

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10 thoughts on “Angry Mum Takes To Social Media To Complain About Parked Police Van

  1. Served in both the Police Services. Worst I have come across ( happened TWICE to me on different occasions) was having people actually step across patients while we were carrying out CPR and full life support in the High Street. Initial treatment prior to transferring to stretcher and into Ambulance . Unbelievable but true .

  2. In a way I can understand the frustration this can cause and the reason of needing the vehicle nearby should not be an excuse to park in a position that endangers others by forcing them into a road. For example a person pushing a pram or wheelchair user especially considering how their is an additional risk of mounting and getting down a curb.

    1. It’s impossible to say if this is acceptable or not without knowing why the police were there. Sure if they just stopped to buy a sandwich or were on a non-urgent routine visit, they should follow the normal parking rules that we all have to adhere to. But there are many emergency situations where speed and proximity are key. If they were answering a 999 call to somebody being violently attacked at home, you’d expect them to stop their vehicle as close to the front door as they can, even if that means abandoning it in the middle of the road. Maybe they were about to make an arrest and needed the van close to a particular house or out of sight of a particular house. Maybe they pulled over there because they spotted people fighting on the pavement (and having calmed the situation, have now taken the assailants into their house to take their details). There’s thousands of urgent situations the police deal with where causing the minor inconvenience of a blocked pavement or road would be better than wasting time to find a parking space. Do some of them abuse that priviledge? Probably, sometimes. But there is no way to make a judgement either way basd on this photo.

    2. Road doesn’t look busy to me, hey what’s that? A walk way approx 10ft diagonal!!
      Keep it real!!

  3. I’m sure the woman would have been equally as annoyed at their parking if they were called to her house because she was being beaten/robbed/any emergency scenario….
    They’re providing a service of keeping the public safe, all while putting their lives on the line every day, have a bit of respect for the police.
    Would this woman have been as annoyed if it were an ambulance with paramedics saving someone’s life? Or a fire engine with fire officers putting out a fire? Doubtful…

  4. I served as a Police Officer for over 25 years in a very rough and extremely busy inner city Dockland area. I can honestly say not once in all my time driving Police Vehicles did I need to fully block a pedestrian pavement so badly even exiting tge drivers door was impossible as shown in this picture. If the requirement for an urgent police response getting out of the vehicle would be a priority for the Officers.
    The senior officer needs to explain better after investigating this public support for police disaster. Not spout if’s and maybe’s. I 100% support the Police but things like this are hard to accept

  5. Sorry this is not causing inconvenience but a real and immediate threat to life. Its a carefully parked police vehicle blocking a footpath making people walk on the road. The mother was forced to take her baby and walk on the road. Inconvenience I can accept but not breaking the first rule. Protection of Life.

  6. So the professionally offended are out in force, nobody can make any judgment call based on one photo. Also the road isn’t busy and if someone can’t manage to cross a quiet road whilst pushing a pretty then maybe they need to consider their own ability. Look right, look left and look right again and cross walk down the road and repeat to continue on the pavement past the van.

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