Record Number Of Gurkha Recruits Arrive In The UK To Begin Gruelling Training

The most significant intake of Gurkha recruits in 25 years has arrived in the UK to start their training at Catterick Garrison.

After the long journey from Nepal, the recruits were met with strong winds and wet weather as many of them left their families for the very first time. 

The 432 recruits represent an increase on last years record number of 400 recruits to be trained at Catterick. 

Training Rifleman Prassand Rai told

“I’m here in the UK to be a real Gurkha, as I have dreamed”.

Training Rifleman Rupash Tamang said:

“It’s a very cold place compared to Nepal. However, I like this.”

For many of the eager recruits, it was the first time they had flown on a plane or even left their native country of Nepal. 

Training Rifleman Tamang added:

“My parents [are farmers], they keep the buffalo.

“My father and mother also dream to see me as a British Army man”.

WO2 Sajan Limbu, Sergeant Major Gurkha Company, said life as a Gurkha would be “life-changing”.

“They join the British Gurkhas, and then they get more job opportunities… can look after the families back in Nepal,” he said.

The Gurkha’s have often been described as ‘the worlds toughest soldier’ and have a reputation for a fearless military prowess. 

The recruits will now face nine months of tough training. 

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