‘Hit The Ambulance’ Success Leads To Broader ‘Hit The Heroes’ Movement

So last week, we shared an article about a group that had been set up on social media called ‘Hit The Ambulance’. 

The aim of the group was to show our emergency ambulance service just how much we love them and just how much we appreciate their lifesaving work. 

The group was a success and now has over 17,000 members. 

‘Hitting’ an ambulance means leaving a gesture of goodwill on an emergency ambulance – something like a bar of chocolate etc.

Over 100 people, many of whom said that they were in the ambulance service, commented on the article and said what a great idea they thought it was. 

But we also had a few messages in response to a question that we asked about how we can extend this ‘movement’ to other sections of the emergency services/NHS etc.

One of the messages sent into us suggested that we should set up a group called ‘Hit The Heroes’ and extend the gesture of goodwill to all sections of the emergency services & NHS; so that is precisely what we have done! 

The group, called ‘Hit The Heroes (With Random Acts Of Kindness)’ is a place where members of the public can come and earn ‘points’ for ‘hitting’ an emergency vehicle (or a military one that is spotted out and about) with a random act of kindness. 

We have set up a ‘target’ list that outlines each emergency service etc. and how many points you can get for leaving the crew a random act of kindness. 

But we also wanted to show our love and appreciation for the outstanding men and women who work in the NHS/health sector. 

So we have also added the ability to earn points for any ‘thank you’ cards/flowers which are sent/left for NHS personnel (for example, a card given/left in an A&E etc.). 

The whole point of this ‘movement’ will be to let the emergency services, NHS and armed forces know how much we appreciate what they do for us daily and the many sacrifices which they make. 

So get hitting! 

Let’s show the amazing men and women who work in the services mentioned above know just how much we genuinely appreciate what they do. 

This ‘game’ is an international one so anyone from any country can get involved (we will leave it up to you to determine your own countries equivalent of targets such as ‘lifeboat launch/recovery vehicles’).

And we would like to thank everyone who responded to our request for ideas concerning how we can expand on the ‘Hit The Ambulance’ movement. 

Hopefully, we have done you proud #HappyHitting

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