This Tweet Has Caused Quite A Stir On Social Media

We are lucky to have some amazing women who serve in the emergency services and armed forces. 

I am lucky enough to have served with them during my time in both the military and the emergency services. 

But one Twitter user has caused, shall we say, a bit of a stir on social media after claiming that she is surprised that men find women in the services attractive. 

In the tweet, ‘The Transformed Wife’ said:

“I’m not sure how men could be attracted to women dressed as men like female police officers and females in the military. 

“There are men’s job.

“If they weren’t, then women could dress like women in these jobs but they can’t. 

“Stick to being feminine, women.”

Now, obviously, I am not going to direct or encourage any ‘bad vibes’ towards ‘The Transformed Wife’. 

Because we are all entitled to our own opinions, and we should not have hate directed at us just because we share a belief that most people will disagree with. 

All I can say is that this person is wrong. 

One of the reasons why I am writing a blog about this tweet is because this lady will not be on her own concerning her sentiment towards females who serve in the emergency services and armed forces. 

But ‘The Transformed Wife’ has probably never served in the emergency services or armed forces, because if she had, then she would know just how attractive women who serve in the military and emergency services really are. 

I should know, because I married one! 

When I saw my wife-to-be in her uniform, then I immediately thought that she is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever seen. 

Her uniform did not make her any less feminine or any more masculine. The uniform was just something that she was wearing. It did not define her or her natural beauty. 

I am sure most people look beyond clothes when it comes to deciding their sub-conscience as to whether or not they find someone ‘attractive’. 

As I said, we should all respect each others differing opinions, but that does not mean that we have to agree with them. But we can counter views with the truth of reality. 

And the reality is that some of the most attractive women I have met were when I was serving in the armed forces and then the emergency services. And they were in uniform…

There is a very good reason as to why you can walk into Ann Summers and find police and military ‘outfits’ (apparently). 

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4 thoughts on “This Tweet Has Caused Quite A Stir On Social Media

  1. Well, if you look at this woman’s 4,000+ tweets she’s a kind of ultra-religious Katie Hopkins wannabe; she seems to enjoy courting controversy and preaches that women must be subservient to their husbands in everything. As the article says we are all entitled to voice our own opinions, but that doesn’t mean we’re entitled not to be called out and shouted down for any abhorrent views we choose to express. So I disagree with not encouraging ‘bad vibes’ towards the tweeter — as long as the bad vibes are kept civilised!

  2. Lori Alexander is the worst sort of hypocrite. She enjoys the freedom of living in this country, but do you think that her husband or her sons or daughters have ever served in the military? Not a chance. They will let others risk their lives, then sit back and criticize. She claims to worship the God who “looks on the heart”, then she judges women for their appearance. I live in an area with a large military presence. Over the years I have known many couples who met each other during their military service. I think that seeing someone in uniform, with a neatly groomed, polished appearance and exuding self-confidence is very attractive. Lori prefers women who look submissive and down-trodden and who barely have the nerve to raise their eyes to look at their husband who is their lord and master.

  3. Lori is an attention wh*re. No-one owes Lori Alexander respect. She posts to create discord among people. She should & must be ignored. Do not give her the attention she desperately seeks.

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