WATCH: Crazy Video Of Attendant Washing Gas Station Forecourt With Petrol

When we fill up our cars with fuel, we are used to being told about all of the things which we are not allowed to do as we pump our beloved motor with ‘motion lotion’. 

We aren’t allowed to be on our phones, have anything on us which can cause a spark, we have to clear up any spillages and let the staff know if we accidentally spray a little bit of fuel on the floor. 

So when we saw the video below, as you can imagine, we were quite bemused by what we saw. 

In it, an attendant seems to be washing the forecourt floor with fuel! Yep; he is scrubbing the forecourt with a broom and petrol. 

I’m no specialist when it comes to cleaning, but I am relatively confident that you won’t find a cleaning manual in existence that tells you to clean the forecourt floor with some petrol. 

I am amazed that the person filming it had the guts to stand so close because if that were me, then I would have been out of there, pronto. 

The video has been viewed over 7 million times, so let’s just hope that it doesn’t give anyone ideas.

Or maybe we are missing something here? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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One thought on “WATCH: Crazy Video Of Attendant Washing Gas Station Forecourt With Petrol

  1. Total disregard for the personal safety of others, not to mention his own safety. Definitely not an eco-friendly solution, unacceptable!

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