Seven Mood Swings Which Show You Definitely Need A Holiday

We usually rely on our best and most trusted friends at work to tell us that we need a holiday. 

It is usually first thing in the morning when your work friend hasn’t seen you for a couple of days, and the first thing they say to you is: “Wow! You look like you could do with a holiday”.

Most of us tend to reply with: ‘I need a pay rise first lol’, and then the whole encounter is just laughed off. 

But what seven consistent moods should you be on the lookout for as an indicator that you really do need a holiday? 

We asked that very question to a group of our followers earlier on today, and the seven moods which they came up were:

  1. You continuously need a coffee
  2. You are always hungry, even after you have just eaten your lunch
  3. You continuously need sleep, and even when you wake up, you feel like you went to bed only ten minutes ago
  4. You are craving for wine. Even at 8 am. 
  5. You start hallucinating about being on the beach. Each time you see an advert for a holiday, or you look up and see a plane, and you immediately start picturing yourself sitting on a sun lounger with a cocktail
  6. You need a cuddle from a stranger. Just to confirm that you are still alive. 
  7. You try to work out the cost of a taser, some duct tape, some rope and a shovel.

So if you regularly experience any of these thoughts, or if you know anyone who does, then, chances are, you/they need a holiday ASAP. 

To be honest, if you hear anyone talking about number 7, then you might want to tell their boss as they clearly need some time off from work. Urgently.

What other mood swings usually indicate that you need a holiday? let us know in the comments below

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