Over 50 Motorists Ignored These Signs!

When you are on your way home, or you are on your way to work, and you see the dreaded ‘road closed’ signs then your heart instantly sinks as you come to terms with the fact that your beans on toast are going to be cold. 

Most of us still adhere to the signs and find the alternative route that we know is going to be full of traffic and unnecessary road works. 

But for (at least) 50 motorists who came up against these five signs PLUS a parked police vehicle in Dorset, they thought that they would still give it a go and head down the closed road. 

In a tweet shared by PC Matt Weldon (T @MedicCop2900) he said:

“The other day PC 1501 and I were dealing with an incident on the road. 

“At least 50 cars ignored these signs and arrived at the scene, to be turned back. 

“Could we have made it anymore obvious? 

“ClosedMeansClosed #IsTheRoadClosed #NorthDorset”.

Twitter users were quick to recall their own experiences with members of the public who refuse to stick to road closures with comments such as ‘But I just need to get down there’ and ‘are you sure it’s closed’ as well as ‘why is it closed’. 

Maybe the only way to ensure that motorists do not drive down roads which have had to be shut by the emergency services is to use a blockade of vehicles across the street. 

Maybe that would work? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Over 50 Motorists Ignored These Signs!

    1. Surely a stinger would stop them going any further and also maybe make them think twice about doing it again?

  1. Whilst a agree with no doubt the majority of people who see this post I would like to say this. Temporary police signs and cones to me mean road closed without exception except for access to rsidents property prior to the obstruction whatever that may be. My local county council last year had a major diversion due to major roadworks . The diversion was inexcess of 10 miles. Because the locals knew a much shorter route through a narrow country lane . The council decided that they would mark this lane as closed with signs and cones. Although not suitable for HGV’s it was fine for cars and small vans. This attempt to pull the wool over locals eyes tends to make people believe that this type of road closed signs are a farce. If only they had been honest and signed it as closed to HGV’s people might respect their honesty. This particular diversion was for several weeks and was ignored by locals once the word was out that this particular route was open. I say again emergency closures are another matter.

    1. On any road closure the diversion route has to be on a similar class of road. Although there well maybe shorter routes if you close a B Road you have to use a B road for the diversion.

      1. I deal with diversion planning for a living. And the rules are strict. As a starting point A-Road means A Road. B means B or A. Etc.

        We occasionally have to close those ear rubs because of reports of accidents and near misses. It’s not to “pull the wool over your eyes” at all

  2. The only time I’ve not had people trying to go through was when we parked a JCB across the closure 🙂

  3. I remember a time where the road was closed by to accident and a car decided to drive along the pavement instead, when stopped by the police they thought they had done the right thing because it never said pavement closed

  4. The only problem with blocking the road with a vehicle is that it then means other emergency service vehicles can not gain easy access as its not always possible for the police to stay with the car especially if they are single crewed

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