I Bet That You Never Knew That The UK Police Had One Of These?

We are used to seeing armed police officers on the streets of the UK, and we have become accustomed to seeing them with their various weapons of choice. 

Even if you do not like the sight of armed British police officers, then you probably would agree that the police need to be able to stop any threat in its tracks. 

There is only so much you can do with a taser, some incapacitant spray and a stick before you have to deploy other ‘options’ which are more suited to the threat. 

And it was only last week that the National Crime Agency (NCA) revealed figures which show that the amount of illegal firearms seized in the UK has doubled over the previous two years. 

But, even if you are in the police, then I bet that you have not seen your armed colleagues practising their target practice using a mini-gun (MG) before? 

Image credit: @TimNeedham10 | Twitter

During my own time in the Met Police (just under ten years) then I never saw a colleague-in-blue firing or even handling an MG. 

For anyone who is about to have a ‘wobble’ at the thought of British police officers having such a powerful weapon, then there is no need to have a meltdown. 

The picture is of a Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) officer. 

If you are not in the security services, then you might not have heard of the ‘CNC’. But they are a highly trained band of men and women who are tasked with protecting our nuclear power plants and various other ‘resources’. 

You do not have to be a physicist to understand how much of a threat could be posed by someone intent on getting access to anything nuclear-related. 

So it is only right that the CNC has the means to be able to stop ANY threat in its tracks. And, funnily enough, the MG can do just that! 

The picture was shared by Tim Needham (T: @TimNeedham10) with the caption:

‘CNC officers are trained to use a wide range of equipment to enable us to undertake our primary role of protecting nuclear material on UK sites and in transport, both in the UK and internationally. 

‘We are recruiting now’. 

I am no expert when it comes to the MG. 

My time spent in the armed forces meant getting to know the SA-80 and the GMPG. But am I guessing that the CNC would use the MG to neutralise a threat being posed by a vehicle/vessel etc.? 

I am sure that someone will let me know in the comments section if I am wrong. 

If you are interested in joining the CNC (and not just because you get to use an MG), then CLICK HERE to find out more

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3 thoughts on “I Bet That You Never Knew That The UK Police Had One Of These?

  1. Airborne drones or light aircraft are decent candidate targets – it looks like a 5.56 and the the 5.56 isn’t great at ground vehicles smarter and safer to hit them with less, bigger slugs – it’d stop 1,000 eco-nutters or islamists charging a facility if they decided to try and chernobyl us though.

    A weapon like that can hurl thousands of rounds of ammunition a few hundred metres at lethal velocity.

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