WATCH: Police Dog Takes His Handler To The Shops (In A Shopping Trolley)

Police dogs are renown for their bravery and their determination when it comes to finding high-risk missing people and chasing down the bad boys (and girls). 

But these smart companions aren’t just excellent crime fighters; they also enjoy a bit of downtime in between dealing with emergency calls. 

The video below is not only a prime example of how well-disciplined police dogs are, but it also shows how agile they are too. 

The video starts with a police dog handler having a quick dance in a trolley (it looks like he is having a pretty good go at the ‘floss’ dance). 

But as the trolly starts to move from the left of the screen, the police officers K-9 companion comes into the shot and appears actually to be pushing the officer along. 

This light-hearted video just goes to show how close the relationship is between a police dog and their handler. 

Personally, I think that the police dog was taking his/her handler shopping for a new tennis ball.

The video hasn’t gone viral yet, because it was only shared three hours ago. But we think that it will! 

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