WATCH: Good Samaritan Wipes Out A Fleeing Shoplifter With His Trolley

CCTV has caught the moment when a good samaritan wiped out a shoplifter who was running from the police outside of a Walmart in Georgia, USA. 

As the suspect came running up behind the good samaritan, he swung his grocery cart straight into his path, which then caused the shoplifter to stumble over. 

The incident happened in January, but the Peachtree City Police Department uploaded the footage to their Facebook page last week. 

The video starts with the footage captured by a police officers bodyworn video camera as he orders the male to stop before the male suspect makes a run for it.

As the suspect, followed closely by the police officer, runs across a car park, the good samaritan then hears the commotion and so turns around to see what it is going on. 

Other shoppers surrounding the good samaritan make a run for it, but the male with the trolley decides that he is going to do all that he can to stop the suspect from escaping. 

With perfect timing, the good samaritan swings his trolley into the suspect’s path just as the suspect is looking behind him to see where the police officer is. 

The suspect then falls to the ground giving the police officer enough time to catch up with him and pin him to the ground. 

The good samaritans groceries end up on the floor, but he is helped by three other police officers who arrive on the scene a short while later. 

While appreciative of the shopper’s help, the department has urged the public to be careful when trying to assist the police in a situation such as this one. 

A spokesperson for the department said:

“Again, while we are eternally grateful for this citizen’s quick thinking and impeccable timing, we never encourage anybody to intervene in a police situation.

“If the decision is made to do so, please consider the safety of yourself and all those around you as a priority.”

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