Storm Dennis Tried To Take This 96-Year-Old WW2 RAF Veterans Medals Away, But He Was Having None Of It

Storm Dennis might have flooded his home, but a brave WW2 RAF veteran would not let his WW2 medals be washed away in the floods. 

When the River Taff burst its banks on Sunday morning, RAF veteran Gordon Churchill woke up to find that the first floor of his home was entirely underwater. 

And it also happened to be the veteran’s 96th birthday.

As the brave emergency services sprang into action, Mr Churchill, along with his 59-year-old daughter, had to be rescued from their property as the floodwater continued to rise. 

All of Mr Churchill’s possessions were left behind; apart from Mr Churchill’s collection of WW2 medals. 

Ms Churchill said:

“The only thing I’ve managed to save is his medals from the war.

“At the time, I just grabbed every towel, blanket I could find and pushed them up against the door. “

“We’d already got sandbags there because sometimes the front floods a small amount with the drains.

“But as we were blocking up the front door, it was all pouring through the back door as well, and there was nothing we could do.”

South Wales Police declared a “major incident” after storm Dennis bought with it heavy rainfall just a week after storm Ciara hit the UK. 

Specialist search and rescue teams helped to clear the streets and made house-to-house checks to make sure that nobody was left behind. 

Over one month’s worth of rain fell in less than 24 hours, causing rivers which were already swollen to burst their banks. 

Image credit: Wales News Service

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