Cops Look Bemused After Stopping A Male Who Was “Walking His Partner On A Leash With A Dog Mask”

Cops Look Bemused After Stopping A Male Who Was “Walking His Burd On A Leash With A Dog Mask” 

Here at DailyDits, we see some pretty werid and wonderful stuff as our custom software continously trawls the internet and social media for stories which have the potential to ‘go viral’. 

And this is a prime of example of just that ‘thing’. 

People taking their dogs for a walk during inclement weather is something that we are used to seeing and such a sight doesn’t even register in our minds. 

But seeing a male, taking a fellow human for a ‘walk’ whilst the fellow human in question is on all fours and is wearing a ‘dog mask’ is something that we hopefully will not see on a regular basis. 

When the officers who stopped the duo went into work on a dark and wet Monday morning, then I can bet that the last thing they expected to see was the sight they were met with as the patrolled their local area. 

They probably thought that, being a Monday morning, then things were going to be relatively slow. 

But after only a few hours of their shift, then ended up stumbling over a sight that they will never be able to unsee. 

The lad who shared the image on social media said:

‘Just witnessed a guy getting pulled wae the cops for walking his burd on a leash with a dog mask and everything on haha

‘Just another normal Monday morning in glesga eh haha’

We heard that the duo were given some words to chew on before they were sent on their way – but this hasn’t been confirmed. 

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