Cop Who Had Just Finished Dealing With Tragic Case Returns To Vehicle To Find Obnoxious Note

A police officer who had been dealing with one of the worst kind of calls anyone in the emergency services can attend – the sudden death of a baby – returned to his vehicle to find a heartless note that had been left on his windscreen.

In a tweet, @NorthWestCop said:

‘Just left Tesco. Handwritten note on the windscreen of my patrol car. ‘£100 fine for shopping on duty’. 

‘If only I could tell the person who wrote it that I have just spent the last 7 hours at the sudden death of a baby. 

‘I’d bought a sandwich. 

‘We’re not robots. #BeKind #WoundUp’

While the idiot who left the message would not have known what this police officer had just dealt with, they should have known that he/she might be having their first break having only dealt with a call like this. 

Because this is the sort of tragic event the men and women who serve in the emergency services and NHS have to deal with. 

Unfortunately, this is another prime example of the disgusting attitude that some mindless morons have towards our emergency services at a time when there is already enough hate in the world. 

Let’s hope that the person who wrote the message does end up seeing this and that they then reflect on the decision making processes which made them think that leaving a note like this was a ‘good’ idea. 

If you are silly enough to think that the police, or any other part of the emergency services, should not be allowed to enter a shop to buy some lunch, then you are the sort of person who does not deserve to ever benefit from the courage and selfless attitude of the emergency services. 

If you wrote then note, then feel free to send us a DM so that we can send your apology on to the officer who dealt with such a tragic case only to then stumble across the pathetic note that you had left for him/her. 

But the chances of the ‘note leaver’ coming forward are slim because just like the trolls who lurk on social media, it is easy and spineless to hide behind a veil of anonymity. 

Maybe your conscience will give you a much-needed attitude check. 

But I doubt it. 

Hopefully, if anyone ever sees an emergency vehicle parked outside of some shops while the crew pop inside to buy themselves some food, and they are tempted to leave a moronic note on the windscreen of the vehicle, then this article might make them think twice.

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18 thoughts on “Cop Who Had Just Finished Dealing With Tragic Case Returns To Vehicle To Find Obnoxious Note

  1. Maybe there maybe camera shots of who did this. Absolutely stand by all our forces who keep us safe and well. Those who troll you know who you are. Please let me know where you live and I will come around for tea so we can chat!!

  2. Sure. Whenever the authorities ticket a car, they always think to themselves ‘I wonder what sort of a day this person has had?’ before slapping a fine on a person.
    I am pretty sure the person who posted this note was not telepathic or Omniscient.
    If he was telepathic and omniscient then it is right to say he should be named and shamed, otherwise you are just piling on a person who thought he was levelling the playing field between ‘them’ and ‘us’.

    1. Sorry, I missed the bit where it said the patrol car was parked illegally. And by your logic, the police should think twice about arresting thieves, rapists and even murderers because they might be having a bad day! The police are there to prevent, investigate and solve crimes – it’s not an us vs them relationship.

    2. Peter Wein. As a former Police Traffic Officer, rest assured before putting pen to paper I would always chat to people and if I found that they were having or had had a bad day or something upsetting happen to them, they would more than likely end up with a warning rather than a ticket or summons for court. Sadly the person who left the note in this instance had absolutely no idea what this officer had been doing and just assumed he had been buying his lunch. Yes you have a point but in this instance, it’s the wrong one.

      1. All these anonymous posts aren’t even man enough to stand by your own statement as gutless as the person that left the note

    3. Peter Wein – except that purchasing lunch does not warrant a £100 fine, especially to be issued by someone with no legal powers whatsoever.

      ‘Level the playing field’ – you disgust me.

      1. No it does not warrant a £100 pound fine. But that applies to all parking infringements; that is far too high a fee for parking illegally, and likely influenced the guy who stuck the ticket to the windscreen. Would be sensible to reduce those ridiculously high fines and earn better respect from the public.

    4. Idiot … illegally parked vehicles get fined usually by private companies if the officer was parked legally in a bay no offence.. obviously you have been on the wrong side of the law man up and get a life.

    5. Omg pete and others who criticise emergency services,if you weren’t breaking law parking or other then they would have no reason to put a ticket in ur car
      No body is perfect in any role in life,theres good and bad in everything this world needs to learn to be kind

    6. Them and us! You are part of the problem with a comment like that! Law and order is there to protect everyone. Rules are rules. Break them there are consequences. Don’t like them then I suggest you disappear to a country that has little to no law and order. You’ll soon be running back to your comfortable safe existence in this country!

  3. Pete Wein, would seem you might be one of those morons by your words. Apart from emergency services, not many other organisations attend to tragic incidents like the one mentioned and similar ones like a suicide or a murder scene. Have done myself several times. Also dont see the comparison between someone getting a fine for illegally parking and for someone leaving a stupid note for an officer getting his refs. Who knows he might actually have been there for a job. You know against popular believe we are human and do like to eat and drink. But thank you for your support.

  4. The whole situation is now Police Stations have had removed all their canteen and refreshment aread which means officers are now forced to. Obtain meals in places like Asda Tesco McD or Subway and in full view of the public, some of whom are morons like this note leaver. I was in Asda recently and a Fire Engine pulled up and several of the crew rushed in sped around the store grabbing drinks and quick snacks then sadly got a radio message to get back to the vehicle as they had to rush to an emergency call. All the shopping was left behind as the rushed off with blue lights etc.
    No canteens are an utterly stupid money saving idea that does no officers any favours with the public or even their digestive systems.

  5. What a complete moron you are Peter Wein, I hope you never actually need the Police, you might think twice then!

  6. The irony of this comment “All these anonymous posts aren’t even man enough to stand by your own statement as gutless as the person that left the note” posted by anonymous lol

  7. And when they park their car on double yellows to protect you from on coming traffic, think about it.

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