Lucky Escape For Pensioner Who Rode Mobility Scooter Into Flood Water

A pensioner has had a lucky escape after they ploughed their electric vehicle into some floodwater only to end up getting stuck halfway through. 

The incident happened in Dartmouth Road, Paignton, after the UK was hit by its second big storm in just under a week.

Major incidents have been declared in parts of England and south Wales after severe flooding and landslides, as Storm Dennis continues to pound the UK.

Efforts are underway to rescue people after water rushed into their homes in Powys, and some properties in Neath and Monmouthshire have been abandoned.

Homes have also been flooded in Herefordshire, where one homeowner said the storm had hit “like a tornado”.

Thankfully, the pensioner in the mobility scooter was helped to safety after bemused motorists came to the riders aid. 

It appears that the flood water that disabled the scooter was at least 1ft deep. 

More than 300 flood warnings have been issued across the UK.

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