Mobile Speed Camera Parks Up On Road That Was Closed To Traffic

When you are deciding where to park your mobile speed camera, then you probably have to pick someone where you know there is going to be a fair amount of traffic. 

As much as most people do not like speed cameras, they do help to reduce the number of speed-related collisions which is undoubtedly a good thing? 

But one picture of a speed camera that has emerged on social media shows a mobile speed enforcement camera parked up in a position where there probably would not have been much traffic; because the road was closed. 

The image was captioned with: 

“Speed camera at the top of the road where am working……didn’t have the heart to tell him the road is not open

…….silly T**t”.

You can imagine the awkward conversation when this van operator returns to his/her boss and reports that they have managed to catch zero speeding motorists. 

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