WATCH: The Police Actually Tested Flying Motorbikes!

If you are interested in technology of the future, then you probably won’t be surprised to hear that in the last few years, Police in Dubai have been testing flying motorbikes. 

The police in Dubai are renown for their use of high-powered sports cars, and they are always the first to try out ground-breaking technology that most other polices forces around the world would not touch with a barge pole. 

But these ‘flying police motorbikes’ (which are basically drones) could change the face of policing! 

Imagine seeing one of these ‘flying motorbikes’ responding to a fail to stop where the suspect is trying to get away from the cops on his 125cc moped. 

Unless the police also happen to be on a motorcycle, then the chances of little Jonny getting away are relatively high; especially as he goes off-road and heads down an alleyway that even an urban fox would struggle to squeeze through. 

But if the police had one of these flying machines, then little Jonny would stand no chance of getting away, so he probably wouldn’t even try it in the first place! 

Who is going to try and run from a flying cop?! You would have to be mad to try and give it a go because your chances of escaping would be very slim. 

I’m not sure that when you next head to Dubai, then you are actually going to see these flying through the air. 

But if/when they do come into service, then I will be one of the first people to move to Dubai so that I can try and join the Dubai Police force just because I want to fly around on one of these!

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