How Would You Respond If Boris Johnson Made Theresa May The Home Secretary In Today’s Cabinet Reshuffle?!

Just imagine how deflated the police would be if, during today’s cabinet reshuffle, Prime Minister Boris Johnson actually made Theresa May the Home Secretary again!? 

It has not happened, but just imagine if it did!? 

This is a thought that our team deliberated as we watched Sky News this morning and saw various senior members of ‘Bojo’s’ cabinet enter Number 10 Downing Street.

Theresa May pretty much tore the police service apart. 

And this was despite the warnings she received from the Police Federation of England & Wales – the body which represents the 122,000 remaining police officers – because obviously, someone who has never served in the police knows exactly what challenges the police face.

Who could seriously think that cutting the emergency services was ever going to be a ‘good’ idea as the population of the UK increases!? Its madness!  

Mrs May had fame amongst the policing fraternity for her apparent haughtiness of the men and women in blue. 

And then what happened when she cut police numbers? 

That’s right! crime seems to have gone up because there are fewer police officers out there trying to keep up with a growing demand! 

We are moderately confident that Priti Patel will remain as the Home Secretary and, by all accounts, the police family seem to like her. She appears to be doing a ‘pretty’ good job. 

Ms Patel has a reputation for ‘getting things done’ and for actually being a big supporter of the police and the emergency services in general. Let’s hope that it continues! 

But what would be your response in the improbable event that Priti Patel got sacked and Theresa May took her place!? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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2 thoughts on “How Would You Respond If Boris Johnson Made Theresa May The Home Secretary In Today’s Cabinet Reshuffle?!

  1. That would be the end of positivity and the beginning of going backwards on Brexit. Minister Patel is doing right, what should have never ever been done by PM May, tying our police force into submission and allowing crime to increase!

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