Bored At Work? Sit Near A Window? Try This To Keep Yourself Entertained!

If you find yourself staring out of a window when you are at work, then we think that we have found a way that you can keep yourself occupied for a few minutes. 

It might meaning taking off one of your socks though, so make sure that you keep a clean pair with you, just in case. 

In the video shared by Fb page ‘Toteraz’ we see a sock ‘eating’ cars as they drive by the window. The video has been viewed nearly 9 million times since it was shared on 4th Feb. 

So clearly, people are keen to try and give it a go. 

But you might need to ‘spice it up a bit’ and add a bit of variety to the game to stop yourself from becoming even more bored. 

Perhaps you could have a ‘points’ system where certain car colours mean extra points. Red car = ten points, pink car = 20 points etc etc. 

You could even award yourself 100 points if you happen to ‘eat’ an emergency vehicle that is on an emergency call? The possibilities are endless! 

If you can think of other ways to spice this mildly entertaining ‘game’ up, then let us know in the comments below! 

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