Australia Wildfires Have All Been ‘Contained’

New South Wales fire officials have confirmed that the bushfires in the Australian state have now been contained. 

The NSW Rural Fire Service said it was “great news” after “a very traumatic, exhausting and anxious” time.

The news comes as heavy rain has lashed the state since last weekend; bringing a much-needed respite for the firefighters and members of the public. 

But the heavy rain has caused flash flooding in Queensland where a 75-year-male is reported to have been swept away by the floods. 

The record rainfall has caused chaos in Sydney with the extreme weather conditions predicted to continue over the next few days. 

While there has still been some fire activity in the south of NSW, the Rural Fire & Rescue Serice has said that it can now “really focus on helping people reboot”.

Australia has always witnessed fire seasons during the summer months, but this year’s fires have been unprecedented concerning their sheer size and intensity. 

5.4 million hectares of land has been burnt, 2,439 homes have been destroyed, 11,264 separate bush or grass fires were reported, and 24 million litres of fire retardant were used. 

Thirty-three people lost their lives during the fires, including three heroic firefighters. 

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