WATCH: This Male Could Spend The Next 1,000 Years Trying To Clear This Floodwater

Nobody likes having to spend their valuable time clearing away floodwater. 

Especially when you consider just how often flooding events are occurring at the moment; it seems that only a few days will pass before there are reports of yet more flooding somewhere in the country. 

But the guy in this video is clearly not going to be making any progress whatsoever as he fills up his bucket with water, throws it over a gate and then tries to clear the same water again. 

Maybe this guy just wants an excuse to do some exercise and work those arm and back muscles? After all, we all need to be doing 30 minutes of exercise each day, right? 

Or maybe he just wanted an excuse to get out of doing some household chores so knew that he would be using this bucket until the water recedes (as opposed until when he is able to clear it). 

Still, you have got to give him some credit for his optimism and enthusiasm as not many people would have the self-motivation to keep at it despite having no effect whatsoever on the levels of floodwater. 

Since the video was shared on social media back in January, it has been viewed nearly 30 million times, falling directly within the ‘viral’ category. 

Perhaps he has motivated other people to think that, no matter what you are up against or what the odds against you are, then you should never stop trying. 

Someone needs to go and check on him or perhaps give him a hand at least. 

He could still be there as we speak. He would have definitely completed his 30 minutes of exercise by now.

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