WATCH: Man Gets Caught In Flying Marquee During Storm Ciara

We all like to have a marquee in our garden, even during the winter months. 

Marquees are like a home-from-home. Especially when you have your friends over, and you decide to play naked twister after playing beer-pong for four hours straight (or is that just my friends?). 

But one man ended up literally being taken for the ride of his life in his marquee when he tried to secure it during storm Ciara. 

Don’t worry, though, as the male was fine (as you will see from the video below). 

CCTV caught the moment when he tried to keep his marquee from flying away by checking the pegs from the inside of the large tent. 

But then as you would expect, a big gust of wind manages to lift the marquee up off of the floor, taking the male with it, as it then rolls over a neighbours fence and then disappears out of shot. 

After a few seconds, the male emerges from the right of the camera frame, albeit without his marquee. 

A lucky escape for the male but not so for the marquee that was later spotted on Air Traffic Control heading towards Las Vegas. 

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