Would You Still Charge An Electric Vehicle Here?

You don’t have to be a professor of physics to realise that water and electricity do not always mix, but you would have to have a lot of faith in humanities understanding physics to still charge your car here. 

This photo was taken in the wake of the recent storms which have hit much of the country over the last few days. 

Here we can see quite a few Tesla charging stations, quite a bit of surface water but no electric cars. 

This could be because everyone decided to stay at home, the electric cars ran out of battery before they made it to the charging station or nobody is brave enough to stand in water ankle deep while charing their electric vehicle. 

I don’t own an electric car, but if I did and I turned up to this service station to charge my vehicle, then I am guessing that I would have no choice other than to down a load of brave pills and just give it a go? 

Because when your battery is flat, then that’s it! 

You are going to have a long walk or an expensive taxi ride back home again. So I am guessing that had anyone of actually turned up to this service station with their electric vehicle, then they would have had no choice other than to give it a go? 

I am reasonably sure that our readers will know more about this than me. Are these charging points safe to use despite being semi-submerged in the water? 

Let us know in the comments below. 

We will keep an eye out just in case Mr Musk himself leaves a comment (we know that he probably won’t miss the opportunity for a sales pitch). 

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